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3D films are not limited to theatrical releases; television broadcasts and direct-to-video films have also incorporated similar methods, especially since the advent of 3D television and Blu-ray 3D.3D films have existed in some form since 1915, but had been largely relegated to a niche in the motion picture industry because of the costly hardware and processes required to produce and display a 3D film, and the lack of a standardized format for all segments of the entertainment business.Sim Scale Gmb H (“Sim Scale”), a provider of the full-cloud engineering simulation platform, announced a collaboration with Siemens PLM Software and Tech Soft 3D to optimize the simulation workflow through better CAD model handling.Sim Scale will bring the benefits of Siemens’ Parasolid software and HOOPS Exchange to a browser-based CAE.Skanect Pro has been designed by the Occipital team to work seamlessly with your Structure Sensor.

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announced the addition of Tech-X’s VSim to the Altair Partner Alliance (APA) software offerings, making VSim available for integrated use by …With Skanect Pro you can wirelessly stream 3D scans from your Structure Sensor in real-time to your Mac or PC for rapid capture, editing, and sharing of high-quality, full-color, 3D scans. The Structure Sensor also supports Open NI 2 on every other platform. Much of what makes the Structure Sensor revolutionary is hard to describe with just words.Skanect Pro is available separately for 9, or included as part of the Complete Bundle. And, just as seeing the Structure Sensor in action reveals its captivating capabilities, so do the details and decisions that went into its design reveal its uncompromising quality.It attaches to the 12.9-inch i Pad Pro with removable, residue-free adhesive pads to ensure a precise, low-profile fit. There are already apps built for the Structure Sensor in the App Store, and we've also provided a set of sample apps in the Structure SDK to show more of what's possible.Structure Sensor Includes: One Structure Sensor and matching precision i Pad bracket (Ice Blue or Silver), Lightning cable, AC adapter, and free access to the Structure SDK.The stereoscopic era of motion pictures began in the late 1890s when British film pioneer William Friese-Greene filed a patent for a 3D film process.In his patent, two films were projected side by side on screen.Apple's new 12.9-inch i Pad Pro model made us rethink how we pair Structure Sensor with an i Pad.As a result, the Structure Sensor bracket for the 12.9-inch i Pad Pro is different from any other Structure Sensor i Pad bracket we offer. The Structure Sensor and Complete Bundle each include all you need to start using your Structure Sensor right out of the box.[Read More...]MIT Professor Neri Oxman believes a new bio-digital age is at hand, an age where bits, atoms, and genes, moves from assembly to biology.Oxman shared her work toward the future at Solid Works World …


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