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Aspnet dating

Unfortunately, Microsoft was quite closed minded back then.

VBScript had object-oriented constructs when Java Script was still being maligned by the development community for being too arcane and difficult to use.

This is why Java Script has had historically a rather poor reputation as C had come under the pressures of the rising C language and community.

C and C have always been two very difficult languages to gain high expertise and fluency with.

Java Script however, was originally developed by Brendan Eich in 10 days while working for Netscape Corporation and it had nothing to do with Sun Systems Java language.

Java Script was actually an outgrowth of the C language while Java was developed from the ground up.

Just ask any highly competent C/C developer how many poorly designed C/C applications he or she has seen in their careers.

However, as Steve Naidamast, a senior software engineer claims, the pendulum of history begins to swing back sooner or later, demonstrating that until the actual foundations of web development change, no new technology will actually be able to benefit anyone in the sense that it is some type of global panacea for such development. NET Web Forms was introduced commercially by Microsoft as a part of the . Up until around 2010 it was the dominant web development environment in the Information Technology industry.

It was designed to replace what is now called “Classic ASP” in order to make web development easier to accomplish and learn. Since 2010 however, a movement spurred on by the Open Source Community has primarily turned the clock back to the days of “Classic ASP”, which was unfairly maligned by ASP.

NET promoters both from Microsoft and the development community. NET Web Forms by similar promoters from the Open Source Community and the younger professionals, many who have never learned the capabilities of ASP.

On the web, Java and its corresponding development software was nothing short of a “beast” to work with.

It was complex and highly detailed due to the majority of the support coming from scientists, academics, and technically adept students who were either studying the computer sciences, computer engineering, or a mixture of both.


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  2. Apr 4, 2016. In this article, Steve Naidamast revisits WebForms and shows that technologies have an expiration date.

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