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Cydia not updating hackulous

Update [] = An untethered jailbreak, evasi0n 7, has now been released for i OS 7.0.x i Devices and App Cake has been tested to be working fine for these devices.Step 5: When you click on Add, a dialogue box appears. After showing verifying URL for a moment, it asks if you want to add the source or not, click on Add Anyway.After you hit Confirm, it will start downloading the small app and then it will load it. Note: The users who had Installous installed in their devices will only need to download App Cake but those who are doing all this for the first time will also see an additional download named App Sync.This app is a must for App Cake or apps like that to work properly.do app piracy, but the app that was the most famous and orchestrated with the purpose, Installous, has been shut down because of the closing of its hosting repository.When you open Cydia now and it tries to update, it gives this error which, if read clearly, gives the proof of the problem.One of such alternatives is App Cake which is the next best option to download the apps and it is the most famous app after Installous.It also has got extensive collection of apps for you to download and its website, iphonecake.com, can also be directly used for app downloading and app crackers can use it for app submissions.

As one of the larger sources for pirated apps, many question whether or not there was legal intervention of some kind.

The Hackulous website is now nothing more than a goodbye note , explaining that the service is going away.

The Hackulous Team explained that the community has become stagnant and the forums have faded…

If you’re in need of a new Cydia Source, take a look at our list of the best ones we’ve found.

The first thing every jailbreaker does after jailbreaking their i Device is install a Cydia app that enables them to download paid apps for free of cost, i.e.


  1. Dec 31, 2012. The jailbreak community for iOS is absolutely massive, and as a result there are new Cydia repositories every day offering more of the same things and billing themselves. There's currently no word on the fate of Apptrakr, which according to TorrentFreak is known to be directly connected with Hackulous.

  2. Hackulous is probably the favorite Cydia source of those iPhone users who love to try premium iPhone apps before making a final purchase from App Store. To.

  3. Try or if the link above is not working for you. 2. – If I would to say is one of the best Cydia sources I guess only very little percentage of Apple user will disagree with what I said. repo hosts Installous.

  4. When you open Cydia now and it tries to update, it gives this error which, if read clearly, gives the proof of the problem. So, Installous is gone and now, many users are thinking that their is no way to get the paid apps for free now, but that is a misconception. There are many Installous alternatives but they never got to be.

  5. Apr 8, 2017. Best Cydia Sources & Repos 2017 List, useful list of cydia sources which are needed to download new apps like Modmyi, iPhone Cake, BigBoss, appvv. vShare Repo vShare is the best and top alternative to Installous. You can use it and keep yourself updated with latest and hot topics of the town.

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