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This is very bothersome as I can’s always stop to read the entire paragraph to find out that the item is mis-shelved. to pay bills so i always have to get one of the cashier to call over the intercome today i did the same thing that lisa told me angered i busy with a customer very rudely so i went to another cashier and she was sweet to so i started paying my bolls i decided to tell that women about how she taled to me and she got more rude .I think this is a problem industry wide and is due to computer tag generation and the huge number of similar items. so i started telling her that she was no better than me amounst other things .The money it is costing to renovate this store should be spent on raising salaries and hiring security to prevent people from stealing.This in turn, might lower the price of food customers pay to offset the loss of foot from shoplifters.Albertsons was founded in 1939 by Joe Albertson in Boise, Idaho as Albertson’s Food Center.The original store had free parking, a money-back guarantee on products and an ice cream parlor, all firsts at the time.I won’t purchase food from the Wing Bar because I’ve seen customers take food from the Wing Bar, and leave the bones on shelves.

I have lost respect for this store director and will be letting all my neighbors know about how she treats her employees. She just throws her arms up in the air and says “I don’t care!

then she said to me to get out of here and leave i said no and proceded to finsh paying my bills the she waled outside the came in front of and put her hand up but before that happened i noticed that she was mocking me makeing fun of me because i am gay the way doing it inwith another employee so that made me more sure i was going to report her then she came by and put up her hand i told her go on call some one because im going to report you then she dissapered then and employee started to verbally attack i told her this is not your bussiness get away from me she said that something is wrong with me she must be a doctor of syc.

then i finishes my transaction and the girl thar helped was very sweet to me the one that helped me to pay my bills, this should have never happened but when you hire people thar hate other minorities that cant stand gays thats a problem you just dont treat people like that when you are and cant stand different people i hope i here from you.

The company expands to Oregon, Washington, Utah and Montana during the 1950s. In 1964, the company expands to California with the acquisition of Greater All American Markets.

In 1976, the company begins building superstores and starts to phase out its traditional grocery locations. In 1992, the company acquires Jewel Osco and their 74 stores.


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