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One such work of excellence is “Third Eye” – Business Intelligence and Quality Centre.The state-of-the-art facility is combination of innovation, technique and technology.VFS Global through its state-of-the-art technology will connect eight nodes (connecting strategic call-centre partner locations) to start with.The entire infrastructure is owned by VFS Global and its team at each of these partner locations will register to take calls through the centralised contact centre setup to be deployed at the Mumbai Data Centre.The Information Services team functions as a core group to deliver the following functionalities This is divided into two dedicated teams, a Projects team and a Project Management Cell (PMC).The Projects team carries out the physical roll out activities at the place of the proposed business operations, whereas the Project Management Cell oversees all routine administrative tasks and supervisory control of activities from our Head Office resulting in centralised control and management.Interacting with Others By pressing “F” while another player character is highlighted, you can perform several interactions, such as inviting that player to a party or initiating a trade with them.The Looking for Group tool can assist you in finding other players to join with.

The social menu also allows you to set your desired group role to let others know what types of abilities and responsibilities you can bring to the party (damage-dealing, healing, etc).

In order to communicate with other players you have to use chat window commands. There are several chat options you can access by clicking the gear icon in the upper-right of the chat window.

This allows you to adjust the font size, the chat channels you see, and more.

Hire Right Profile: Our contact centre partners have vast experience in hiring contact centre customer service representatives to support varied customer service requirements.

Specialised recruiters build a complex matrix to evaluate the candidate skills against the defined job specifications.


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