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But when they entice her back to their ostentatious château to show her the film, the actress’s face is no longer visible, while her double proceeds to seduce everyone (including the wife’s grown-up son) in turn – most memorably in a library whose floor is decorated with dictionary definitions of sexual terms.Dubbed ‘the godfather of gay porn’, Peter de Rome began his erotica career in the 1960s shooting Super 8 films for private viewing.Typically for films of the time, however, it’s Joan who’s punished for her sexuality rather than her lover.

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But censorship quickly became a buzz kill in the world of mainstream, commercial cinema, with the naughty suggestiveness of early 1930s Hollywood films soon snuffed out by the introduction of the Hays Code.One client in particular is a source of enduring mystery: the Japanese businessman who brings along a small box.Mischievously, Buñuel never shows us what’s inside (a creature? ), but whatever it is appears to help bring Séverine to delirious orgasm.Here are 10 of the most illustrious notches on the bedposts of film history.“It couldn’t happen to me,” shrieks Joan in stunned disbelief on learning from her doctor that she has contracted syphilis.This new licentiousness led to sex films both softcore (Emmanuelle, 1974) and hardcore (Deep Throat, 1972) becoming box-office smashes, with ‘respectable’ middle-class couples queuing up with the dirty macs for a sneaky peek.In this period, arthouse sensations such as Last Tango in Paris (1972) and In the Realm of the Senses (1976) also used loosening censorship laws to explore eroticism on screen with a new frankness.Its Italian star, Lucia Modugno, was not quite the sylph-like maiden beloved of the glossies at the time and she struggles to convince as the innocent abroad who falls into the hands of the corrupt and corrupting media.But the rest of the cast more than compensate and there are compelling performances from musical star Terry Skelton, television actor Pearl Catlin and Robert Crewdson as Neville, the inscrutable magazine boss.A scandalous cause célèbre in the 60s, Belle de Jour remains a provocative fusion of fantasy and reality and a rare movie to admit how danger informs our sexual reveries.Having the somewhat dubious distinction of being ‘Britain’s first sex film’, Her Private Hell (available on the BFI Player and on BFI DVD and Blu-ray) was made in response to the popularity of the risqué European titles which flooded British screens during the 60s.


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