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Is it normal for a 50 year old to ask/stay at a 24 year old’s home? But if you’ve asked yourself, “Why haven’t I heard from him? Basically, I met this guy about 3 weeks ago at a student government meeting for my university and he seemed really confident, smart, was def easy on the eyes (haha) and is muslim too.

It’s been [insert number of days Im an awful person .. For the first time ever I decided to actually go up and talk to this guy considering the amount of eye contact we’d had throughout the meeting, but then I ended up getting busy after the meeting, I saw him lingering around but then he eventually left.

Some of you may be inclined to believe our advice is borderline haraam... But sometimes a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do to get a man. He is a year older and i see him at the mosque every Saturday morning and night.

Nothing you read here has come from Ahaadith nor the Qu'ran. We live in the same neighborhood, but we aren’t close family friends.

Why do God refer to Himself as “We” and “Us” sometimes?

Now, its basically become this thing where whenever we see one another, one of us will say hi n we’ll tlk for a bit and whatever its cool.

Can you explain the verse “And abide in your houses and do not display yourselves…” []? ”I can’t pronounce Arabic properly, is my prayer still valid? How did you deal with being a Muslim during tough times? Where do we draw the line between metaphors and literalism? What does it mean that men are “Qawwamun” over women?

What is a person has never come into contact with Islam?

Im chatting with this guy I met last summer and he got married that same summer. So I decided to message him on fb with a reason from the meeting etc afterwhich he added me and we chatted for a couple hours.

And we have feelings for each other[ I havent told him that I do yet]. After that he msgd me the next morning asking for help with something and that was it.


  1. To my fellow Muslim Sisters, have you ever asked yourself "What's wrong with me? why don't I have a man?" or "What is wrong with all these guys? why are they such tools?" Well we're here to help you.

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