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I’ve been struggling with whether I wanted to post this, but I think I need to commiserate with someone who might understand as much as anything.

So, my MOH is staying with us from now through a week after the wedding. On Saturday night, she called me with the details of how she was getting here, and told me she had some news that might make me angry.

It has been the matter of debate among the scholars that whether the constitution of India is completely federal or unitary in nature.

But actually Indian constitution contains both features of a federal constitution and unitary constitution.

I’m really concerned about this option that (a) it won’t work and (b) it will be so late when we find out that it won’t work that we are really without a dress. Sort of irrelevant, but I’m frustrated that this is all coming up 2 weeks before my wedding.

I told her that if we went this direction, she needed to decide before the end of the week whether it would work, or we were just going to have to buy a dress.

I’m not sure that there is, especially because the only extra fabric we have is the swatch we ordered to pick colors. That swatch might be enough to extend the dress enough, but I honestly don’t know.In a federal set up there is a two tier of Government with well assigned powers and functions.In this system the central government and the governments of the units act within a well defined sphere, co-ordinate and at the same time act independently. Wheare defines federal government as an association of states, which has been formed for certain common purposes, but in which the member states retain a large measure of their original independence.But for the very clear picture of this conclusion first of all we have to know that what is the federal constitution and what is unitary constitution.What feature of Indian constitution makes it federal or what features makes it unitary.I found a couple of similar style dresses on Amazon that we could use prime shipping to get here, and mostly for or less, but she is so concerned about matching the color with the BW that she doesn’t want to do this.I think at this point we need to get as close as we can, and just give up hope that they will match exactly.Also, as of right now, I can’t find the swatch, so that may not even be an option.FH and I have all girls in our bridal party, so their dresses are mismatched styles/colors with the colors matching across the aisle.The federal polity, in other words, provides a constitutional device for bringing unity in diversity and for the achievement of common national goals. A federal government exists when the powers of the government for a community are divided substantially according to a principle that there is a single independent authority for the whole area in respect of some matters and there are independent regional authorities for other matters, each set of authorities being co-ordinate to and subordinate to the others within its own sphere.The Constitution of India has adopted federal features; though it does not, in fact, claim that it establishes a federation.


  1. Constitution of India- Whether Federal or Unitary. It has been the matter of debate among the scholars that whether the constitution of India is completely federal or.

  2. Proto Berber has too many words for camel. Posted on February 13, 2009. Filed under diary entry Tags diary An odd title, but it’s my diary so I’ll call it.

  3. Aug 6, 2017. Under this theory, the ENFP is the ideal match mate for the INTJ. Both INTJ males and INTJ females are liable to experience difficulties socially and romantically that are particular to “INT” types. INTJs, in addition to reporting the lowest satisfaction in relationships, also rate them as being the least in.

  4. Jun 16, 2016. INTJ relationships and dating. If none of the people already connected with INTJ match their minimum standards, the INTJ may choose to revise their original list of desirable attributes. These conversations also serve as the way in which an INTJ will test and strengthen the relationship with their partner.

  5. This is the first of a 4-part series surrounding the relationships between INFJs and each of the 16 Myers-Briggs personality types. INFJs tend to work well with SJ.

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