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Anticipating the reduced water flow over the brink, Ontario Hydro and the Army Corps of Engineers had scheduled the Falls for a face-lift.

In fact, a massive engineering project was in place to carve out the riverbed, reshape the banks, rebuild the viewing points, and artificially raise the water level—all in order to keep up the appearance of natural grandeur.

Rose knows better, but artfully plays the part of the hysterical wife. The camera lingers on her retreating behind for an astonishing sixteen seconds. A minicontroversy—the kind that perpetually swirled around Marilyn—arose over the seemingly trivial question of how her hip-swinging, eye-catching wriggle of a walk came to be.

This shot subsequently became known as “the longest walk in film history.” “Many an actress has walked into stardom,” writes Pierre Berton in his popular history of the Falls, . Natasha Lytess, one of Monroe’s acting coaches, took credit for it.

Marilyn Monroe, Joe Di Maggio, Honeymoon Fever, Rose’s Hunky Lover, “Red Hatters Matter,” Mardi Gras by Way of Kmart, “Sarah Jessica Parker,” Deadlock vs.

Wedlock, Oscar Wilde, The Esteemed Vice Mother, Troubadour Mike, Canadian Mounties, All-You-Can-Eat Indian Buffets, Jodhpurs, Same-Sex Weddings, Gary In 1952, when Marilyn Monroe arrived at the General Brock Hotel in Niagara Falls, Ontario, she was dating Joe Di Maggio and on the brink of becoming a superstar.

George and Rose honeymooned at Niagara a few years back, before the war, and Rose has brought George back ostensibly to cheer him up.

Like Marilyn sewn into an evening gown, the Falls are girdled and boosted into the shape the audience wants.

Niagara Falls, Ontario, is strutting its stuff as well.

Marilyn was almost always cast as a gold digger, a woman trying to leverage her sexuality to better her status.

Rose Loomis, Lorelei Lee, Marilyn herself: all were women on the make—and at the same time icons of the feminine.


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