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Guerrero worked at a shelter where the older girl had been staying. They’d known each other for a few months but nothing had happened between them until, suddenly, everything happened. “You know they could put you in jail,” she asked him, according to court documents.“Yeah, I know,” Guerrero said. I don’t ever want to do this again.”(We tried to find Guerrero's victim to hear her story. Guerrero got accepted into a government program that helps convicted felons get back into school.“In a few hours I will be stepping into a world full of intellectuals,” he said before his first day of classes this week.

According to court documents, Guerrero got the girls drunk on beer and vodka. The child’s mother told the court that her daughter had become reticent and then angry after the night she spent with Guerrero. Her mother said Guerrero used his position of power at the shelter to manipulate her daughter. “I was letting this power get to me, and I shouldn’t have,” he said on the day he was released. We could not find her.)What Comes Next Guerrero's crime will follow him the rest of his life. As part of his parole, he has to take a polygraph test that asks intrusive questions about his sex life and sexual desires. “Let’s hope I will find my place in this world.”He found a job working nights guarding shipments of produce.

And here in Seattle, in the post-Sonics era, he’s been one of the biggest supporters for bringing a team back. Most people forget that the Sonics had a crazy playoff run that year.

I didn’t actually go to a lot of games in the nineties, because I was poor, and honestly, I didn’t have a lot of friends who liked basketball.

“About half of them said they preferred him not to stay.”So Guerrero bought a bus ticket back to Orange Cove, California. He grew up there watching his mother work in the fields.

Editor’s Note: When the Super Sonics left Seattle in 2008, most fans crawled into their holes, and began a long hibernation, awaiting the return of professional basketball to the city.

Well, much like Griffey, Seattle didn’t exactly treat him the best, and Payton didn’t get to end his career as a Sonic.

Yeah, he genuinely loved playing in Seattle, and he seemed like a super chill guy. I mean, next to Ken Griffey Jr., he was the biggest star in Seattle. I remember when he got traded to Milwaukee for Ray Allen, what was it, the 2003 season?


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