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That, or her nursing drive has overtaken her existence, and she wants to care for two babies at the same time.

Ann and Tom stay together after she moves in, and they auction off their baby's name to the highest bidder in an online publicity stunt.

While it takes him 17 minutes to get through his wedding vows, Perd proves to be a generous and loving husband.

Their conversations have the consistency of lukewarm oatmeal, and their child's first words are, "These are my first words." Ann dies at 52, stricken down by sheer boredom.

" The couple, thoroughly accustomed now to mutual hatred, remain together until they die of stress-induced heart attacks. It was revealed in Thursday night's episode that Ann once went on a date with Perd, and now we learn what it is to live "Hapley" ever after.

Ann realizes that she can only be happy with a man who is completely and utterly straight with her, and that man is Perd.


  1. Feb 6, 2012. Are Tom and Ann actually going to become a real, long-term couple? Are there any other surprising pairs in the works? Executive producer Mike Schur tells me MORE Parks and Recreation and The Office Shockers What Did You Think? "It's real. Tom and Ann are dating and will have a relationship for.

  2. Feb 6, 2014. Follow Ann and Chris on the incredible journey that brought Pawnee's most cherished star-crossed lovers together. Subscribe for More

  3. Leslie convinces Ann to go out with Chris Traeger so they can talk about the park budget. Just as she's starting to really like Chris, Leslie crashes their date and reveals she convinced Ann to go on the date. Ann apologizes to Chris and after another date, they start a relationship with each other. At first, she feels intimidated.

  4. Aug 1, 2013. We've seen Ron catastrophically reunite with his ex-wives, and Tom get divorced and start dating again. Jerry is married to Christie Brinkley. The only person whose love life we haven't seen much of is Donna's, though by her own account she does just fine. Chris dated Ann, and then he dated Jerry's.

  5. Ann Meredith Perkins, RN is a fictional character in the NBC comedy Parks and Recreation. She is a nurse and Leslie Knope's best friend. Contents. hide. 1 Storyline. 1.1 Season 1; 1.2 Season 2; 1.3 Season 3; 1.4 Season 4; 1.5 Season 5; 1.6 Season 6; 1.7 Season 7. 2 Development; 3 Reception; 4 References.

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