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I knew I could be successful with average women, which blew the asshole out of having no success before game, so I got too comfortable with getting consistent results with average women.

Whats worse, I built an ego around being good with these women, so going up to a 9 would stomp my reality when Id get blown out.

There is really nothing epic to it, and solid game often isnt miraculous.

If you have solid game, the process I described above will be default and natural Out on a Friday night, teaching: Future is in a set with an approach coach, the students are starting to filter in.

Needless to say, I started dating one of the hottest girls on campus, and meeting her in the bar was relatively easy compared to the years before because I applied the following and the had the inner game to back it What Im talking about here is for pure cold approaching.

I switched to only allowing myself to only get numbers from 9s and 10s.

In turn, I also gained more access to 9s and 10s and dated a couple of them too.

When I came back to school in the fall, my inner game was stronger for the experience, and once I became an instructordopest job ever for a guy still in collegethere was no comparison to my former results.

Older women (30s) are usually happy to talk and may be the only decent conversationalists in the bar, so I dont mind talking to them too. The goal is to build social proof and pre-selection, not to actually game the women you have no intention of taking home. ) The funny thing I find with this goal is that since I have no attachment to the outcome of these single-serving setssince the only goal is to NOT go home with themthey respond all too well and run smoothly.

*Caveat: if you are consistently having issues getting this step to fire off, you may not quite be at the point to get 9s and 10s. Make sure you are seen by the 9s and 10s with all of these other sets.


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  2. Preselection is the process by which a candidate is selected, usually by a political party, to contest an election for political office.

  3. Preselection is remarkably effective at generating intrigue, attraction, and outright desire in women. Learn how to build and use it here.

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