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In the West, the term is generally used to cover (maiden) games cover any game aimed at a female audience that is not a Boys Love game; the majority are Visual Novels with romantic elements.Many are made by departments or subsidiaries of bishoujo game companies; for example, Games which feature female-female romance.I know that I said I was going to stay away from visual novels, but I think Hatoful Boyfriend is too well-known to not mention on this list.

The puzzle gameplay is simple match-three, and you have to pass a certain number of points in a certain number of turns to win.Another thing to mention is that this game isn’t all that steamy.(I’m not sure what you would expect from a game about pigeons.) Even though Hatoful Boyfriend isn’t really all that similar to Huniepop, I think that fans of the puzzle game would probably enjoy it, too. Like Hatoful Boyfriend, Shira Oka takes place in a high school.The game itself (and some of the art) doesn’t look all that great, which might be an issue if you’re used to the sleek Huniepop interface.It may seem vain, but in games that mostly consist of sitting, looking, and reading, I think that it’s important for these games to look good. In Little Witch Romanesque, you play as a character who is tasked with mentoring two young witches.In Shira Oka, you go through your life as a high schooler.Based on the different actions that you perform each day, you’re able to progress along different stats (like popularity and athleticism) and/or progress along the main story, and your relationships with other characters.The stories behind each character are compelling, and it manages to avoid the common visual novel pitfall of being drawn out or dull.Like Huniepop, Hatoful Boyfriend is on the shorter side, which is nice in a genre where some games can last as long as 50 hours.The distinguishing factor of these games is that the primary goal of the game is to establish a romantic relationship between the Player Character and one or more of the NPCs.Although the genre originates in Japan, they are also made elsewhere, particularly in the form of "doujin-soft" (noncommerical fanmade games).


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