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Sophia bush dating chad michael murray Fuckmumbai

actress Sophia Bush has ex-husband (and costar) Chad Michael Murray to thank for spilling the beans.In an interview with CW Channel 11 News, Chad talked about his divorce with Sophia and her current relationship with another costar of theirs, James Lafferty. It’s just a little tight group in Wilmington (North Carolina).” Don’t you love how the news totally goes over the newscaster’s head? Pictured below: Sophia, 26, and James, 23, traveling together at the Wilmington airport on Friday (October 24). The series was The WB's most successful and top rated television program when it first aired in 2003 and continued receiving top ratings for The CW.The series also earned Murray numerous awards, including two Teen Choice Awards, and spawned a book series which was successful among critics who praised the cast's performances and the original story lines.After Murray gained mainstream fame and media exposure, he also became a spokesperson for several high-profile deals.He and his One Tree Hill co-stars were the official endorsers for Master Card and K-Mart.It was three guys – what the hell was I supposed to do? " In 1999, Murray moved to Hollywood where he supported himself modeling for such clients as Skechers, Tommy Hilfiger and Gucci.

A video of Murray was recorded in which he was telling fans that they did not want him back because they wanted to save money.His abandonment issues were the main reasons he took the part of Lucas Scott. This led to reports during his career that he had received a nose job.Murray clarified in a 2004 interview, "I got jumped in a Burger King when I was 18 and had my nose put on the other side of my face. But it wasn't a nose job – I hate the fact that people say it was a nose job!In the spring, Murray became engaged to crew member Kenzie Dalton, then a high school senior in Wilmington, N. As for Bush, who still works with her ex, “She’s moved on,” a pal told PEOPLE.Chad Michael Murray (born August 24, 1981) is an American actor, spokesperson, writer and former fashion model.Later in the year of 2003, Murray won the main role of Lucas Scott in the successful WB television series One Tree Hill.The series quickly became the channel's biggest hit with over 4.50 million viewers on the first season's finale.He appeared in several guest starring television roles, including an episode of Undressed and an episode of Diagnosis: Murder.Murray portrayed the role Charlie Todd on the successful television series Dawson's Creek in 2001.Both sides waived any spousal support, and they have no children together.Murray, 25, and Bush, 24, met on the set of their WB drama (now on the CW network) and began dating in 2003.


  1. Much like their One Tree Hill characters Brooke Davis and Lucas Scott, Sophia Bush and Chad Michael Murray weren't meant to be. The former costars met on.

  2. Chad Michael Murray, 24, and Sophia Bush, 23, have separated after five months of marriage, PEOPLE has learned. A spokesperson

  3. Sophia Bush is Dating James Lafferty. One Tree Hill actress Sophia Bush has ex-husband and costar Chad Michael Murray to thank for spilling the beans.

  4. Chad Michael Murray news. chad mlchael murray dating girlfriend one me lauren. Recent connections involving Chad Michael Murray. Sophia Bush and Danielle.

  5. Chad Michael Murray born August 24. Following his separation from Bush, Murray began dating Kenzie Dalton. Credited as Chad Murray;

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