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The 599 underground book of online dating secrets pdf

Treasure trove had to be hidden with animus revocandi, that is, an intention to recover it later.

If an object was simply lost or abandoned (for instance, scattered on the surface of the earth or in the sea), it belonged either to the first person who found it or to the landowner according to the law of finders, that is, legal principles concerning the finding of objects.

Where there had been an apparent concealment of treasure trove the coroner's jury could investigate the title of the treasure to discover if it had been concealed from the supposed owner, but any such finding was not conclusive as the coroner generally had no jurisdiction to enquire into questions of title to the treasure between the Crown and any other claimant.

If a person wished to assert title to the treasure, he or she had to bring separate court proceedings.

However, if the treasure was found fortuitously, and not by deliberate search, on another person's land, half went to the finder and half to the owner of the land, who might be the emperor, the fiscus (public treasury), the city, or some other proprietor.

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This was especially fashionable for titles of children's books in the early- and mid-20th century.

equivalent of the Latin legal term thesaurus inventus.


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