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Truth in dating finding love by getting real Hotchatlive

I interviewed 75 singles and surveyed 150 others in an attempt to discover what singles in this country are discovering about how to find lasting love.

And over the past thirty-five years, as a dating coach and seminar leader, I have listened to the stories of thousands of other single people.

Campbell shows people how to have fun by flirting truthfully; date without getting ahead of the relationship; enjoy the freedom of being themselves; relate to their dates with honesty; realistically examine what a romantic partner can — and can't — offer in the way of fulfillment and happiness; and move forward when the time is right, or say goodbye if it's not working. After spending most of my adult life as a married woman, ten years ago (at age fifty), I joined the ranks of the approximately eighty million singles in the U. I am the type of person who always seems to be doing research on topics that I struggle with personally, so it’s no surprise that I turned my attention to the subject of dating. Is there a way to navigate the singles scene that will maximize your chances for finding true love? Why do even very psychologically sophisticated people have difficulty beginning a new relationship?

So before even thinking about being more truthful in your dating relationships, it’s important that you recognize how much fear exists in today’s dating scene.

I used to think I had to settle for a relationship where I couldn’t be myself. Yet there is a way to make being honest feel safer and that’s what this book is about.

Now, as a single person, I find that many of these same practices can be used in a dating relationship.

Many people are beginning to realize that honesty is the only hope for relationships.


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