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Webalizer stats not updating cpanel Seex 100 free

If you have not already, we highly suggest upgrading to Webalizer Xtended.Please take some time and look the config file now.

It it a great tool you can use to better understand what people are looking for on your site and how you can better improve your content.

# The default is a file named "webalizer.hist", stored in the specified # output directory.

If you specify just the filename (without a path), # it will be kept in the specified output directory.

Normally, the Webalizer # expects a CLF or Combined web server log as input.

Using this option, # you can process ftp logs as well (xferlog as produced by wu-ftp and # others), or Squid native logs.


  1. Cpanel webalizer not updating. So yeah, I think you might be right it's a 24hr thing. I don't mind involved stuff, it's what I do for a living anyway but thanks!

  2. Please note The stats may not begin working and updating during the first 24 hours. Currently, you can view and print stats from within cPanel.

  3. Recalculating statistics works fine. statistics not updating. I had copied over the webalizer. working for all our cpanel I've. Webalizer Stats. 3.3 Updating.

  4. If the user quota is not exceeded try this/usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/bin/webalizer -o /home/user/tmp/webalizer /usr/local/apache/domlogs/domainname

  5. We can follow the steps in order to check the site stats webalizer without login to cPanel. Webalizer stats without cpanel. not updating the stats you.

  6. Redirect in cPanel not working awstats not updating. Then to update awstats and webalizer run the script. If that doesn’t update stats.

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