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Finally I saw this picture: Notice the little red and white SPP logo on his father’s shirt?Well, it turns out that his father is the Vice President of heavy industry group SPP Shipbuilding Co. Not sure what his family wealth his, but SSP Shipbuilding Co. Just to clear up the rumours though, his family does not own a helicopter.But he has two other siblings so bear in mind how the inheritance will be divided.😛 Lee Seo Jin isn’t just going to be inheriting money though.I don’t know exact profits, but it’s customer base include 250 large companies and over 85,000 small to midsize companies.

Lee Seo-Jin’s father was also a former Treasury Director, and the family is known to have businesses in the insurance, tourism and financial sectors.If you want to test out your korean, click here to visit the company’s website.Relationship status: Ideal type: Sungmin likes girls who are shorter than him (hahaha, is this measured with or without his shoe lifts? He also wants a girl who is cute like him, and is a ‘rich family’s daughter’. I also remember watching a variety show where Sungmin said that he’d enjoy washing the dishes with his wife.Photo of Sungmin with his ex-girlfriend: Nichkhun’s mother is the CEO of Pharmaceutical Importer and Distributor, Union Medical.After doing some research, I found that Union Medical had a sales revenue of US ,000,000 in 2011-12. Nichkhun was also educated at the Wanganui Collegiate School in New Zealand, a school which has previously hosted British Royalty.This man has a Masters Degree in Business Management from New York University and is also the Director of Asset Management Company Veritas (hmm.. Relationship status: he had a 1 year relationship with actress Kim Jung Eun but they split in 2008.Not sure if he’s single, but he’s definitely not married.Photos of the ex-couple: Sungmin’s father is the President of Sendbill.Sendbill is an e-tax application and it’s pretty much the industry standard in Korea.is aiming for a revenue of US$ 2.5 billion in 2015. Siwon’s family is also rumoured to own the Hyundai Department Store; although it is unclear what percentage of shares his family holds. To find out more about the Hyundai Department Stores’ finances, click here.This company is one of the largest supermarket chains in Korea and gross profits for the Department Store Division alone, was estimated to be over $US 542,000,000 (2010). Relationship Status: Ideal type: Siwon says that his ideal type is “someone who’s positive and has pure eyes.” He goes onto add “I hope my future wife will be someone who can understand my unstable occupation and is able to maintain the household well.” Siwon’s previous girlfriend was SM trainee Stella Kim.


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